I grew up in a small family, my mother, 4 aunts, and cousins. I spent my childhood in Bahia, the northeast coast of Brazil. In the 80’s that area was not so developed yet and still had places of complete virgin forests and paradisiac beaches. We lived a simple life and didn’t need much to be happy. I was 17 years old

I was 17 years old when I became interested in yoga and alternative healing modalities. I moved to a big city and I was having problems with sleep. I saw a magazine article “Yoga for Good Sleep” and it got my attention. It came with a CD of guided meditation and yoga Nidra. That was the beginning of my yoga journey, practicing by myself, following the instruction from a magazine and listening to the meditations. It became part of my life ever since.

I made traveling a way to learn about myself, about different cultures, while connecting with people from all over the world. Back in Brazil after my first trip through Peru, Bolivia, and Equador in 1999, I studied Permaculture (sustainable agricultural designs) and for 4 years I had my own land together with my mother. I was very passionate about it. I thought it was the solution for all the problems in the world but I realized after a few years later that it was not my path. There was another way for me to serve, and that led me to yoga and to study massage therapy. Taking care of people and helping them to find a better place within themselves, is an effective way to create real change. Besides making a living, yoga and massage also gave me a purpose. It opened up many doors for me in the world.

I was back on the road in 2005 volunteering in a yoga ashram in Mexico for 3 months deepening my practice. After that, I had the opportunity to share yoga once a week in a hotel in Guatemala. In 2010, I was in India doing my first 200-hour yoga teacher training and in 2012 I did my second 200-hour teacher training in Elemental Yoga Therapy (a therapeutic approach to yoga, based on the 5 elements system of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine). 

 On my first trip to India, I met the father of my daughter from Sweden and 8 years of relationship brought me to finally settle down. I found home and a community of lovely people in a small village in the south of Sweden, Båstad. Today I live with my 2-year-old daughter Anita, have my own massage and yoga company and home studio, work part-time with massage at Skansen Spa Hotel, teach weekly classes at Yogalito and organize retreats in Sweden together with Steph Sanders from Colorado. 


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